Tanzania. A paradise called Zanzibar


Tanzania. A paradise called Zanzibar. If we had to say three words that define Africa perhaps we would say landscape and therefore beauty, fauna, which is equivalent to life, and ethnicities or what is the same, culture. But beyond what makes it famous are those places that are sometimes left a little more forgotten for those who travel inland to enjoy an buensafari or a trekking in the Kilimanjaro. Today Africa begins to be a destination also for its beaches and for its incredible Ocean floorssuch as the Red Sea, the coasts of Sudan, Madagascar, Kenya and of course Tanzania.

Kendwa Rock Hotel

Zanzibar next to Pemba they are places that, because they have the competence of the African interior, are sometimes left in the background, except for those who practice diving or prefer to enjoy their amazing beaches.


The transparency of its waters, its great diversity and its white sand beaches define Zanzibar as the jewel of Africa, which together with the neighboring islands, all called the spice islands, form one of the best places in Africa, if not the best, to spend a relaxing holiday, sunbathing or diving.

Fishing in Zanzibar

For those who travel for free and adventure, Zanzibar is a perfect place to end a great trip.Tanzania or Kenya give you the possibility to enjoy the great safaris and of course one of our favorite activities, trekking, so after a few days moved to finish in a place like this is not appreciated, if you do not enjoy it in a different way, since here you spend the ITV surrounded by all kinds of luxuries.
Zanzibar is an island with an area of ​​about 1,600km2, a little less than half of the island of Mallorca. It is in front of Dar es Salaam, the official capital of Tanzania, to which Zanzibar as such belongs, although it is still a "country" independent of the continent, both by culture, politics and religion. When you're in it, it doesn't seem like you're in Tanzania.

Stone town

Stone town It is the reference city of the island, also called the city of stone, is famous for the beauty of the doors of the houses, many of them carved by hand, and is one of the most important cities of the Swahili culture. Restaurants and restaurants are located in the city budget hotels, that although many of them do not have access to the sea they enjoy a good situation to go out at night and enjoy the nightlife of the city. Stone Town is also famous for its music and for being the birthplace of song geniuses as Freddy Mercury or Tracy Chapman, so this island is no longer so far away.

Stone town

The north of the island has the most affordable beach hotels, especially those in the west. On the other hand, those from the north or west are somewhat more expensive, with a quieter sea and possibly with the best beaches. In the south the resorts predominate, especially to the east, so if you go for free, you will surely avoid.


During the 6 days we were in Zanzibar we changed once hotel. The first one we were in was the Sazani Beach to the northeast, with beautiful cabins on a white sand beach. The second and final was the Kendwa Rock, not so isolated, more economical, but much more lively and with a nightlife for its beach bars as in its cabins, since ours was shared with two humble rats the size of a cat who eagerly ate our kit-kats and the fruit we bought, which pestles, after all did not go hungry at the expense of us. Unfortunately we could not dive ... this budget sometimes does not come, but we snorkel next to the atoll of Mnemba, a postcard paradise with a seabed full of life that with just swimming and diving goggles you can greatly appreciate. Surely with a week in Zanzibar it is more than enough, not much more than the time we were, since after 6 days we decided to return to Nairobi, Kenya, to enjoy this gloomy city, but this is another trip and it's another story.

What to see in Zanzibar?

If we were to recommend something from this heavenly place it would be:

  • Visit the Historical Center from Stone Town.
  • Taste a good cocktail at sunset in front of the sea in the Stone Town terraces.
  • See the Red Colobus monkey in the jozani jungle.
  • Swim with dolphins in Kisimkazi.
  • Snorkeling in the atoll Mnemba.
  • Go see the fishermen at dawn, especially on the west coast.

Practical data

When to go?

Zanzibar enjoys an equatorial climate all year round with average temperatures of about 26 degrees. During the month of February the islands of the spices bear the highest temperatures, however in March and May it is when the islands are affected by the rains. The rest of the year, except for Rainy occasions in November and December, the weather is perfect to enjoy these paradisiacal beaches.

How to get?

Stone town has an airport with international connections, although most of its scales are part of Nairobi, Kenya. If you come from Tanzania, like us, you can take a boat from the port of Dar es Saalam.

What to wear

The Relec is an extension of your body, a swimsuit and a pair of sunglasses to make you handsome. Besides, what you would take to any beach destination.

Where to sleep?

We slept in two hotels, one at Hotel Kendwa Rock, northwest of the island and not of the best quality / rat on the island. We also sleep in elSazani Beach, to the northeast, more expensive, quieter and more spectacular. Therefore, two options, two possibilities.

Anyway, we leave you with other options that are very well valued by travelers and bloggers like us:

  • Zanzibar Dorm Lodge. From € 35 a night, the cheapest on the island
  • Stone Town Cafe B&B. The best quality / price from € 60 per night
  • Warere Town House. From € 35 a night. Exquisite and very new decoration
  • Zenji Hotel Romantic from € 60 a night. Excellent treatment and welcome
  • Dhow Palace Hotel. An authentic palace, very stylish in India, with pool. From € 90 per night
  • Tembo House Hotel. Historic establishment with pool by the sea. From € 120 per night

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