Advantages and disadvantages of an organized trip


The traveler of Travel for Free He is primarily independent, flees from the masses, turns his destiny into an adventure, a challenge, an experience, he has the need to feel free to do so ... However, every trip requires a great investment in time to be able to organize, many hours looking at flights, places, knowing and reading about the history of the destination, about its people, its gastronomy, studying the Lonely planet, the National Geographic or travel blogs on the Internet, always comparing different information with the aim of living it at maximum. But what if at some point you lack that time? Hard choise. Do youTravel for free or in a group ?. Yes, yes ... great dilemma. We tell you our great experiment, our first trip "not free" ...

The Treasury, Al-Khazneh

An experience, an experiment

Holy Week 2013, Be Travel Chain, destination Jordan... Do we risk ?. Organized trip?. Do we try and so we think first hand ?. Okay, we said, but stepping on insurance, on one of those trips that Paco Nadal is organizing, a first-class traveler and on a trip to an impressive country, yes, with an adventurous approach, with a lot of hiking and that a priori painted everything well ... but ... what would happen to the things that always come to mind with organized trips ?, things like:

  • The queues when delivering passports, the bills…
  • Should we wait a long time when you have to take abus with the rest of the group ?.
  • What if the burden of so much organization Does the trip bother us?
  • And if we don't want to see one thing and the rest want to see another?
  • What if they take us to buy the happy carpets?
  • What if we don't like people? Let's be honest, everything is new, even people.

Wadi Rum and Paco Nadal

Well, at this point you have to be clear about many things before deciding on these types of trips. First of all, you have to always meditate on the following:

Type of traveler

Each of us has a different type of traveler inside, some prefer comfort and maximum organization fleeing from any improvisation, others prefer the surprise factor, the risk ... before choosing the type of trip think what kind of person you are to not be wrong.

They can touch you good or bad hotels


It all depends on the destination and the way of organizing the trip. Jordan It is an easy destination for group travel, it is small and the things to see are not many, therefore the itinerary fit, however it is important that you be clear that depending on the type of traveler you are and the destination you choose The type of trip must be one or the other.

The arrival

Closed planning

This point is very related to the previous two, depending on the destination it can generate a problem or not. In our case, the itinerary corresponded more or less with what we were looking for and that, by way of traveling, we would visit for free, but it is important that you always know the places to know beforehand so that you can decide if the trip meets your expectations or on the contrary It can leave you wanting to know some specific area.


A trip must be done with people who give you guarantees, capable of turning around any unforeseen situation, who laughs at any mess or disappointment, if you have it you will not care if the trip is organized or not since you can adapt to any situation. This is difficult to predict, so maybe we chose this trip, we don't travel every day.

It's hard to feel alone

Queues and waiting times

This depends on the organizers of the trips, it is clear that if people are respectful of others there should be no problems, in our case there was not a single problem with this part. But if this can stress you, it is best to go on your own.

How did the experiment come out?

After all, against prognosis, the experiment proved a success, we had a great time. It gave us the opportunity to meet very interesting people, Sergio, Raquel, our favorite Valencians with whom we will repeat without a doubt, Mrs. Carmen, with her energy, her positivity at all times, a great family from Bilbao, who maintained good humor throughout the trip, Catalan, Andalusian, Madrid , Murcia ...

It helped to share the trip with Paco Nadal, adventurous and a great uncle, put into words something that he only had in mind ... the traveler is not the one who takes a plane and moves somewhere spending a few days on vacation, the true traveler is the one who immerses himself in the culture of the destination to which he goes, he cares to respect and understand it, he simply does not judge ... he who does not get angry with the unforeseen, but who seeks solutions, he who enjoys every second of the trip as if it were the last, he who not only does photos if not that retains in your mind moments, experiences, experiences and learn from them ... Thanks Paco.

And of course fate. A simple country to travel, not too big as Jordan helps. It also has impressive places, with a different culture and an exciting history, aaaayyy Lawrence of Arabia, how different things are seen from Jordan than from Europe but how true ...

Places like Petra, the city of the Nabateans, great wonder of the world ... that someday we will return. And the spectacular desert Wadi Rum, with its long routes of trekking with many interesting conversations and stories of different people who accompanied us, how different are the people ...

We are small in Wadi Rum

Finally, the great guides who were in everything and at any time during the trip, with a culture that taught us a lot of anecdotes, so many stories, and even another perspective of the story ...

Advantages and disadvantages of an organized trip

Finally, and finally, let's see what advantages and disadvantages this type of travel has.

In favor of an organized trip

  • You get everything done, you don't have to prepare anything. Easy, right ?.
  • You know a lot of people, you'll never be alone and on top, everyone speaks your language.
  • They provide you with guides that give you their knowledge and tell you many stories that you would not know for free.
  • You gain in security.
  • They take you from door to door to the different places, you don't have to look for life with transport or renting a car.
  • You benefit from offers for being a group.
  • They usually take you to good hotels, not the flea pension that adventurers like so much.

Cons of an organized trip

  • The inevitable crowds and crowds at the entrances of the sites.
  • You are always linked to the schedules marked by the trip and the planned order.
  • You lose contact with the real world of the country. You get very close to people who live from tourism.
  • You lose the essence of the traveler, adventure and risk. For many this would be a strong and positive point for the traveler. Travel for free It is a but.
  • Be tied to transport.
  • You are tied to the foods that mark you in terms of restaurants and stopping places.
  • As you don't make friends, maybe you're the weirdo.
  • From time to time you can visit a souvenir or carpet store.

Dead Sea

What do we stay with?

To conclude, add that although everything was a success, because I could not have a better time, and I keep a nice memory of the trip, as if it were not about Jordan ... I confess that I enjoy it before, with that study of the guides, of the maps, of the searches of hotels, of different destinations, of putting the world map on a table and choosing the best destination, the one that you have been wanting to know for a long time, I enjoy the adventure, with the risk although sometimes it costs you some scare , I like to feel free, without ties, without anyone telling me the time I have to wake up ... next stop trip style Travel for free and you???

Advantages and disadvantages of an organized trip / Cristina Gómez Sáez & Javier Blanquer