Cala Galdana, the massification that kills paradise


The Cala Galdana It is one of the beaches of southern Menorca and also the busiest. Its surroundings are very urbanized and despite being an impressive cove the volume of tourists that it always has in high season They take away all the charm. If I had a minor tourist overcrowding, I would win in whole, but the hand of man through the brick has changed one of the most beautiful places on the island of Menorca.

Cala Galdana, brick and massification

A little paradise depending on the moment

The Cala Galdana It is a beach of fine white sand. Its waters are the most transparent of MinorcaThat is why it is not surprising that for many years it was one of the most spectacular beaches on the island, until they began to urbanize making a paradise cove a totally agglomerated, losing much of its charm.

Cala Galdana

The Cala Galdana It is a beach with very easy access, it has a parking lot right next to it and once you park (if you get it) it takes nothing to reach its white sands. The cove is located between two cliffs, something that makes its waters as calm, something that helps make this cove one of the most family members from the island of Minorca. For many parents it is an ideal option to enjoy their children without worry.

Between this and the hotels on the beach itself, only in high season, it becomes one of the most crowded beaches, making it not an option for us to spend the day.

Menorca by rental car

The Cala Galdana It is fully urbanized and therefore offers all kinds of services related to the aquatic world such as: dive centers, kayak rentals, jet skis, etc ... in addition to having a list of restaurants around where you can eat while you spend a day at the beach in Minorca.

Our fleeting experience in Cala Galdana

As we commented for us it was not an option to enjoy a day at the beach, we prefer to go up to the viewpoint and take a few photos, since from this position you can see the Cala Galdana in its entirety and it is worth making this stop.

For the rest we do not recommend it, unless you go with your family and do not mind the massification, since there are many more coves and beaches where you can enjoy some more tranquility provided you do not like this type of situation.

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Practical data

Before leaving for Menorca

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How to get?

The Cala Galdana It is located approximately 8 km from Ferreires If you go by car as we are the only access. Go from the direction you go you should always look for the indication of Ferrerires, from there you will find the indications that take you to the Galdana Creek.

Cala Galdana location

Like most of the coves and beaches of Minorca It has parking but for the volume of visitors who usually go, it is better to get up very early since if not, you will not find any gap.

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