Hiking in Bergen. Ulriken Floyen Route


From the city of Bergen, heart of the Norwegian Fjords, 7 mountains can be seen from where numerous routes depart from hiking in Bergen as the Ulriken Floyen route. This a priori seems short and simple, but once you start walking things change and complicate the account a little more. Even so, it is perfect for almost any type of person who likes to walk in the mountains and discover places of great beauty.

Hiking in Bergen - Ulriken Floyen Route

Hiking in Bergen. Ulriken Floyen Route, Norway

We start from the city of Bergen, bridge to the famous Norwegian Fjords. After visiting the city, we decided to look for a somewhat more rural activity that would allow us to enjoy the countryside on a Sunday afternoon.

The day was cloudy but the meteorological part gave hardly any rainfall. This led us to consider making a route through one of the 7 mountains that border Bergen. So bold we were that we directly decided to go for the highest, the peak of Ulriken.

Ulriken cable car

It really wasn't the classic route of climbing a peak and going down, but a linear route from the cable car that leaves you at the base of the Ulriken until it ends in Floyen (Fløyen). From this last point you can go down to Bergen in a funicular. So far everything seemed easy…

The Ulriken Floyen route It has a length of 14 kilometers with little slope, about 400 meters or so, but the large amount of rains that had fallen in previous days anticipated that we would find mud, a lot of mud.

Hiking in Bergen. Route of the 7 or 4 mountains

Every May 31, be it a sunny, rainy day or the snowfall of the century, thousands of citizens of the city of Bergen armed with a small backpack with water and food, intend to make one of the most famous routes of the Norwegian Fjords.

They have two options, climbing the 7 mountains that border Bergen with a total of 2200 meters of unevenness, or lowering one's pretensions and climbing only 4, with a total slope of 1200 meters.

To be able to do it, just go to the Bergen Hiking Club and get a card that will be sealed during the route. At these points you will also get food and snacks.

Ulriken Floyen (Fløyen), Norway

After arriving at the Ulriken telephone base, also called Ulriken643 by the height of this mountain, we saw a pack of people coming down the mountain, all full of mud to the eyebrows, which were making a route that would lead them to climb 7 or 4 mountains during a single day, a tradition that is made all the years on May 31. Even seeing that people were going down with mud to the "Rambo", we took the cable car, with a cost of 95 crowns one way or 155 crowns With the return included, we ate expressly in the restaurant above and started the route.

Hiking in Bergen - Ulriken Floyen Route

The first kilometer and a half passes along a path through which we constantly cross with groups of people who came in the opposite direction, which sometimes made us stop to make way for living Dead.

Hiking in Bergen - Ulriken Floyen Route

We passed several shelters, each one attached to its corresponding lake ... this is Norway :-D, until we reach a detour that made us stay in solitude. Then we climbed a small hill and the landscape changed completely. We were facing an innumerable amount of incredible lakes and in the distance we could see numerous waterfalls. I did not imagine what to do route through Bergen It was so fascinating.

Hiking in Bergen - Ulriken Floyen Route

At this point on the route, the worst of all was the mountain in front of us, with a rather challenging profile and that we would have to sort out in some way. We crossed the lake at his feet and a zig zag-shaped path made it easy for us to climb. In addition to the many chains that are in the most sensitive steps, it made the walk more fun. I got the impression that I was placed for those who climb this mountain in winter.

Hiking in Bergen - Ulriken Floyen Route

We reach the top of the mountain and we are facing another crossing. We had to go on the left side until we found a way more carefully and prepared for winter. From here and thanks to some milestones of about 2 meters in length located each 250 / 500m along the way, they prevented us from turning aside. From now on, with following these marks there would be no possibility of loss.

Ulriken Floyen Route

The time has come to rest, take a short breath and enjoy these wild places. After the stop, we meet two people, making the route in the opposite direction to us. Two elderly girls ... who were following a fairly fast pace. They were the first people we had seen for 30 minutes.

Hikers by Bergen

From now on the snow would accompany us, a snowfield behind another that does not complicate the route. Of course, this shocks those of us who live in the Mediterranean, since finding these piles of snow 600 meters high and at the beginning of June is not very normal.

Ulriken Floyen Route

We began to realize that the road was not as easy as we thought. A lot of rock, mud and the odd step where hands were needed. In the beginning we thought that the route would be done in 3 hours, but now it was in our minds to do it in at least 4 hours.

Ulriken Floyen Route

My partner Luca was dragging a recent injury and began to resent, having to slow down. This and the state of the terrain did not help, so we began to fear that the night would fall on us, although this fear faded quickly when we realized that at this latitude and at the end of spring, it didn't get dark until well past 10:00 P.M.

Neveros in Ulriken

We began to leave behind lakes and more lakes, many of them with large blocks of ice that resisted dying. We had already done half of the Ulriken Floyen route and which never seemed to end.

Ulriken Floyen Route

We left behind the last steps with snow and in the distance a great antenna was glimpsed through which we had to pass later. It looked so far that discouraged, but it was not so much later.

More neveros by Bergen

I didn't get tired of seeing more lakes and they are getting bigger. Time gave us a little respite and even deigned to appear some sunbeam, facilitating the reflection of clouds and mountains in all these lakes, like the one we have here below and at the beginning of this article.

Lakes near Floyen

The norwegian fjords they stood at our feet, although not as steep as in Sognefjord. We had already made 75% of the route and there was the last big ramp to the antenna we had seen almost half an hour ago.

Ulriken Floyen Route

We crossed our last two large lakes along a delicate stone bridge that separated from each other. It was the moment we used to take advantage of our last rest and face the last two climbing ramps.

Hiking in Bergen - Ulriken Floyen Route

Suddenly the road improved for good, much more comfortable, without stones or mud and almost adaptable to 4 × 4 vehicles. The reason was because nearby there is an old ramp of sky jump. From the way he looked, he seemed abandoned.

Ski jump ramp

We arrived at the top of the mountain where the great antenna of which I spoke earlier resides and at this point it was where we met again with the human pack that continued with the route of the 7 mountains of Bergen. This was their last mountain and logically they were quite exhausted.

Ulriken Floyen Route

The track became an asphalted terrain and we even observed the odd car, most of them belonging to the organization of the route. We take advantage of this circumstance since they set up a refreshment post that we quickly use.

We started down the mountain and saw something that surprised us quite a bit.

Floyen - Fløyen

A girl was climbing in a wheelchair along a strong ramp. He was barely advancing inch by inch with the risk of collapsing. This is really courage!

The Ulriken Floyen route It was almost resolved and we had only a couple of kilometers left. It was the moment that I decided to take off from Luca and wait for him at the Floyen viewpoint, a balcony towards the city of Bergen.

Floyen viewpoint - Fløyen

I arrived at the viewpoint and curiously there was a live concert. Sweet end to our first hiking route through Bergen. From here we take the funicular for some 43 crowns (one way).

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Practical information on the Ulriken Floyen Route - Hiking in Bergen

When to go hiking in Bergen?

The best months for hiking in Bergen are from June to the beginning of September. In May, for example, you can still find plenty of places that can hinder your access and in winter it is totally inadvisable unless you go with skis.

It is not a very common route for tourists and naturally it cannot be compared with theroute to the Pulpit of Norway, but it can give us a vision of what the Norwegian interior landscape is like.

Norway tours

If we do not have a rental car and time is short, it is best to take us on a comfortable tour.

 Excursions in Norway

How to get to Ulriken?

Taking the cable car of the same name. It has a cost of 95 crowns one way or 155 crowns with the return included. There is an offer that includes bus from the center by 245 crowns.

From May to September there is a bus from the Bergen Tourist Office that leaves you in Ulriken. Hours from 09:00 to 17:00.

Once we finish the route in Fløyen, we will take an ununicular to Bergen for some 43 crowns. The round trip price is 85 crowns being the last one that drops at 23:00.

Where to sleep on the Ulriken Floyen Route

We stayed in two different hotels in the city of Bergen. One near the train and bus station and another in the area of Bryggen, very well located.

  • Scandic Ørnen: luxurious hotel with impeccable finish. From 108€.
  • Thon Hotel Bergen Brygge: comfortable rooms with TV and Wifi from 130€.

Where to eat on the Ulriken Floyen Route

The only option for lunch is Ulriken, in the restaurant where the cable car leaves you. It is a restaurant that opens from 09:00 - 21:00, except on Mondays that it will be closed. On the route we will see some shelter but to reach them we have to deviate considerably.

By the way, to eat from the menu we have to book it one day in advance.

What do I have to take to go hiking in Bergen?

We are in high mountains, despite moving around 600 meters high is an area where snow is abundant and very common for the practice of cross-country skiing. With all this I recommend you take a couple of boots mountain, a windbreaker, a layer of water, food and water since there is no road, sunscreen and can be a pair of canes.

Is the Ulriken Floyen Route marked?

The route is marked both with posters and with large stone landmarks. Still it is necessary to have a map, because there are certain points where it can be confusing.

Do not forget to check the weather

As a final fact, check the official website of the Norwegian meteorological agency in case you get a shower, although in summer the weather is usually very pleasant.

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