Winter postcards


Winter postcards Winter is over and we open the door to spring, but before saying until next time to a season so different, so spectacular and at the same time dark, we have selected from the past winter articles the best pictures where cold and of course snow are the reference. It is our favorite season for the trekking, perhaps, because the landscapes are different or because any summit that in summer is not a challenge in winter is an adventure.

Pico del Nevero

When winter changes the landscape dramatically with authentic polar landscapes in central Spain.

Pico del Nevero
The suffering

Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como, a place of story, a place of postcard.

Lake Como
Mount bregagno

La Mira, Gredos

With winter the waters get worse and the roads change. It always has to improvise.

Jumping a channel towards the Mira

La Morcuera, a Guadarrama classic

A place that changes with each season, so different in winter and so warm in summer.

Horses in La Morcuera
This guy sounds to me ... Do you travel for free?

Laguna de la Nava, Gredos

There are days and days, and sometimes a forecast of bad weather becomes an extraordinary landscape.

Looking back is priceless
The bad weather stalks and with the snow by the knees
From rock to rock and shot because it's my turn

Pico de Moncalvo, in Sanabria

A team, and an incredible route in the Sanabria Natural Park.

Moncalvo Peak

Nevada Head, Gredos

The reward of an adventure, leave all your gear and score another win.

Nevada Head Summit

Route of the lakes, in Sanabria

Loneliness, something that is carried in the mountaineer's blood.

Picture Lagoon

Massif de la Sagra

Sometimes the cold, the wind does not let you rest, but once at the top, what does it matter?

La Sagra

Winter postcards Travel for free.