Prague Castle (History, visit, price and places of interest)


Prague Castle is one of the most visited places of interest in the capital of the Czech Republic. Next to the Astronomical Clock or the Charles Bridge, it will surely be one of the points you will choose if your next trip is to Prague. Today we want to tell you our experience is this place so picturesque and so full of cultural wealth.

A little history

Of the things to see in Prague and one of the most history is the area of Prague Castle. For us, the closest and most interesting, is what happened during the Second World War, especially after seeing several old photographs with events of the mid-twentieth century. See Hitler and his troops entering Prague Castle is a truly historical and impressive image. Also, knowing that you are there and thinking about it gives you goosebumps. It seems unlikely, impossible, but it is something that was real, no doubt. Most tourists walk like robots without a soul without thinking that under their feet are the traces of events that marked the course of history. A place like this does not go and take several photographs, is to perceive what happened, how and when.

Prague Castle in WWII
Prague Castle in WWII

Our experience in Prague Castle

God helps he who rises early

A Friday morning rises from a bridge that we like to enjoy in Spain. It is rare to be on a Friday, and not a weekend, when visiting a city like Prague as a tourist. Objective, to arrive at 9, before the hordes and avalanches of buses that collapse the hill where is the Prague Castle. Initially we plan to go on Sunday, but given that The Cathedral only opens after 12 That day, Friday, or even Saturday, are the best options to visit the Castle.

Prague Castle
Prague Castle

After passing the security checkpoint to the area and paying a generous entrance we begin the visit backwards, from the Golden Alley. Reason ?. See that famous and historic street just for us, something that many times can only be seen in photographs. And we got it! We can say, in good faith, that this street is too valued. Yes, it is beautiful, but there are no streets like that in Spain or Portugal, but hey, it is in an idyllic place and in a very special atmosphere.

San Vito Cathedral
St. George's Basilica

Having seen the Golden Alley we continue the visit more calmly, first visiting the St. George's Basilica, very beautiful by the way, the impressive room of Royal Palace and finally the impressive Cathedral, which by the way, is free if you only want to see the area of ​​the beginning, more than enough.

We recommend that once the visit to the “area” of Prague Castle is over, you will see the Loreto Church and the Strahov library, both less than 5 minutes from the main entrance and where you will take a good memory.

Remember, stay with these 6 places that you have to visit Prague Castle and of course, you can not miss:

  1. San Vito Cathedral
  2. Golden Alley
  3. St. George's Basilica
  4. The Royal Palace
  5. Loreto Church
  6. Strahov monastery and library

Castle map

1 St. Vitus Cathedral

Simply surround this impressive outside Gothic cathedral It already attracts attention. Its dimensions are overwhelming. The height, especially from the inside is indescribable, as well as its beautiful stained glass windows especially if you are lucky and the sun sets. This cathedral has been the scene of the coronation of multiple kings and is believed to be the first stone in the early fourteenth century.

San Vito Cathedral - Free entrance area

2 Golden Alley

One of the most representative places of the Czech capital is the gold alley of Prague. Through it passed inhabitants as illustrious as the writer of Jewish origin Franz Kafka, who made this street a tourist landmark in Prague.

Golden Alley

3 St. George's Basilica

The small basilica of San Jorge is located just behind the Cathedral of San Vito. It is small and quite cuca, but keep one thing, it is the oldest church from the area of ​​Prague Castle, no less than the year 920. Go to see the paintings on the altar, one last.

St. George's Basilica

4 Royal Palace

Although it is not one of the most beautiful buildings, it is included in the general entrance and therefore you tend to visit it. Upon entering you find yourself a huge room, where surely great banquets, dances and the occasional welcome to illustrious characters by the kings of Bohemia were made.

Prague Royal Palace

5 Loreto Church

Being honest, we didn't see it inside because we arrived a little late, but we were left with its façade and knowing that it is one of the best known pilgrimage places in the city, since there is a replica of the House of the Virgin Mary.

Loreto Church

6 Strahov Monastery and Library

The Strahov library, although the visit is very short since the library can only be seen from the doors that give access to it, it is worth it. It is the typical library in the style of Trinity College in Dublin, of various heights and thousands and thousands of perfectly stacked books.

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Practical data

Before leaving for Prague

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What is the best time?

If you go on a weekend, and I think that any day of the week, the best time to visit Prague Castle is first thing, at 9am. At 12 it is a suicide mission, since the hours of Chinese and the caravans of buses will have arrived, something that makes you lose all the charm about everything that surrounds the Prague Cathedral and the Golden Alley.

How much does the visit cost?

  • Price A: 350 CZK (Royal Palace, St. George's Basilica, Golden Alley, Cathedral, Rosenborg Palace and exhibitions)
  • Price B: 250 CZK (Royal Palace, St. George's Basilica, Golden Alley, Cathedral)
  • TheCathedral open every day from 9 a.m. to 3:40 p.m. and on Sundays from 12 a.m. to 3:40 p.m.

Prague Castle Tours

There is the option of the Prague Card, where you can access more than 50 places with savings and discounts.

 See tour of the castle

What is the best way to arrive?

The best way to get there is by walking through the Charles Bridge, but if you are staying somewhere more remote without a doubt, a good way to get around is in trolley car or even in Uber.

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