The best beaches in Menorca (Map and tips from north to south)


After being 10 days in Menorca we can say that we have known its best beaches and coves. From north to south. From the most paradisiacal and crystalline to the most urban. It is difficult to find beaches that do not fit in a postcard, so maybe some call Menorca turquoise law. Once traveled we can say that there are several of the best beaches in Spain.

The best beaches of Menorca

You have to plan

When you plan a trip to Menorca one of the first things that makes you look for accommodation and locate the best beaches on the island. How Menorca has many beaches in the end you have to prioritize and look for the ones that best suit each one, that's why we wanted to write about our experience in Menorca and tell you about the beaches that impressed us the most. Also the best and worst of each, so you can choose and make your own itinerary of Menorca

You always have to walk

You could say that if you want a good beach in Menorca, yes or yes you will have to walk. In the parking lots of each beach there is usually a map indicating the distance and time, since many of them take around 20-30 min to access the sea. Therefore, in Menorca do not forget about wear good shoes You'll have to walk to get to the beach.

Cala Mitjana
Turqueta Creek

Massification in high season

As a general rule from the beginning of July until the second week of September (before starting the return to school) the best beaches in Menorca are usually overcrowded and therefore they lose that charm they have in winter so close to the Caribbean. The reality that it is almost impossible to be alone and in the worst case (and it happens very often) closes them when filling the maximum number of visitors. In fact in September we found several beaches cut off at 11 in the morning. No comment

The main beaches usually have one or several parking at the entrance, since the only way to reach many of them is by car.

Cala Mitjana

At the entrance of Ciutadella there is a roundabout where they indicate the degree of occupation of the main ones in the south, a success since you save the trip if the beach is already closed for reaching the maximum occupancy.

Beach bars and things to take to the beach

Few beaches have a bar or beach bar nearby, so as a general rule we recommend you bring a backpack with food and water since returning to the car could be an unpleasant experience. Let's not forget that you usually leave your car a little far from the beach.

Map of the best beaches in Menorca

We leave you a map with the best beaches of Menorca from our point of view, where the beaches that we will see below are listed.

Coves Menorca

The northern beaches

The beaches of northern Menorca are the "wild" and less frequented. Besides, they are beaches where it usually lashes much more wind and where white sand is scarce. They are usually much more rocky, but that does not mean they are not the same or more beautiful than those in the south. For tastes the colors, but if I had to decide I would stay with Pregonda and Tortoise from North.

  • Pregonda Creek
  • Turtle Creek
  • Cala Morrell
  • Cala d'Algairens

Each beach is listed so you can locate it on the map above or on Google Maps

1 Pregonda Creek

For us it is the most spectacular beach in Menorca. It is a beach of color between red and brown, very different from the rest of the island. It is divided into two zones. The first is a unique area, I would say paradise. Full of rocks and pools for snorkeling with severalsmall islets. The second, the beach between the beaches, which you can see in the video we made of Menorca and that is reddish sand.

Pregonda Creek
Pregonda Creek

From the parking lot before reaching Pregonda there is a beach calledBinimel.là, let's not confuse it with Pregonda.

  • Location of Cala Pregonda in Google Maps
  • Distance from parking. 15 minutes along a path by the sea
  • Snorkel. Without a doubt, a small paradise, especially in the area of ​​islets and rocks
  • recommendations. We recommend reaching almost the entrance of the trail, since it is a very long and dirt parking lot, where it is easy to “eat” dust

2 Cala Tortuga

On the spectacular road that goes to the Favàritx lighthouse Several trails lead to beaches as impressive as Cala Tortuga. It is a long beach quite intimate together crystalline waters. The long walk to reach it makes many tourists spend the entire day in it.

Turtle Creek
Turtle Creek
  • Location of Cala Tortuga on Google Maps
  • Distance from parking. 30 minutes down a path
  • Snorkeling. It is not one of the best, but on the left side of the beach there is an interesting rock area
  • recommendations. We recommend wearing slippers along the path, as it has many stones and can be very uncomfortable with flip flops.

3 Cala Morrell

Cala Morrel is a small cove with a small beach next to the town. Being small and next to a small urbanization is usually not frequented by tourists. If you stay nearby it is an ideal place to end the day or to snorkel.

Cala Morrell
  • Location of Cala Morrell on Google Maps
  • Distance from parking. 3 minutes
  • Snorkeling. It is a good place to practice Snorkeling. Not seeing a sandy beach, it is all stone and therefore you can see a lot of marine life
  • recommendations. It is better to go at the last minute, since there is little room to leave the towel

4 Cala d'Algairens

It consists of two beaches of fine sand. The first, the closest to the entrance, is quite large and comfortable to access. Further on, about 10 minutes walk along a cobbled hill there are another smaller cove but much prettier. The latter is worth walking along the sea if the first one is full. The return can be done on a path that goes behind both beaches for a beautiful forest.

Cala d'Algairens
  • D'Algairens location on Google Maps
  • Distance from parking. 10 minutes
  • Snorkel. Ideal to spend a day at the beach if the coves of the south are crowded
  • recommendations. There are two coves and as in almost all, the farther away from the entrance many better, less people

The southern beaches

The southern beaches are characterized by two things mainly. They are beaches of White sand, very fine, and in high season they are usually the busiest. We must not forget that the southern part of Menorca is where most of the accommodations are.

  • Binissafuller Beach
  • Cala Mitjana
  • Turqueta Creek
  • Cala Macarella and Macarelleta
  • Cala Galdana
  • Son Bou beach

5 Binissafuller Beach

It is a very small and charming cove not far from Mahon. It is usually frequented by the neighbors in the urbanization next to it. There is also a small and picturesque jetty.

Binissafuller Beach
  • Binissafuller's location on Google Maps
  • Distance from parking. 2 minutes and very low capacity
  • Snorkel. It is not a place for snorkeling.
  • recommendations. It is a beach that is not usually very crowded, but having a very small parking lot should arrive soon or park through the urbanization

6 Cala Mitjana

It was the first beach in the south that we saw on the island. White sand melted with crystal clear waters with a turquoise background. We walk around the beach to access a smaller cove, Mitjaneta which is a piece, in all of the law, of paradise. It has few meters of beach sand and a perfect setting for snorkeling. On the other hand, Mitjana, if it is not overcrowded, is beautiful, but of course, the agglomeration causes it to lose its charm.

Cala Mitjana
Cala Mitjana
  • Location of Cala Mitjana on Google Maps
  • Distance from parking. 10 minutes for a beautiful pine forest
  • Snorkeling. One of the best in the south of the island
  • recommendations. It is one of the few that has a beach bar

7 Cala Turqueta

Its incredible turquoise color makes it one of the best beaches in southern Menorca. It is usually the first one that is filled in high season, but both its beach, its seabed and the views it offers make the early morning worthwhile. Normally on its right side, on the rocks and not far from several fishermen's huts, the best places tend to be if the sand is not your forte.

Turqueta Creek
Turqueta Creek
  • Location of Cala Turqueta in Google Maps
  • Distance from parking. 2 minutes, low capacity
  • Snorkel. It is not a place for snorkeling.
  • recommendations. It is a beach that is not usually very crowded, so you should arrive soon to have a good place

8 Cala Macarella and Macarelleta

Macarella and Macarelleta are two small beaches south of Menorca with turquoise backgrounds. It is one of the southern beaches where many boats come to anchor for its calm waters and also to take tourists to snorkel. Macarelleta It is much quieter, but you have to walk about 10 minutes from Macarella. By the way, there is also a beachside bar.

Cala Macarella
  • Location of Cala Macarella on Google Maps
  • Distance from parking. 15 minutes
  • Snorkeling As Turqueta, it is an ideal place to swim and snorkel
  • recommendations. It is a beach that is usually very crowded, but not as much as Turqueta

9 Cala Galdana

Galdana is the typical Mediterranean beach that has lost part of its beauty thanks to the big hotels They have built around it. In addition, being one of the most accessible beaches on the island makes it more crowded and therefore one of the most crowded. We did not even step on it, but if we went to take pictures from the lookout since the parking lot of the cove was practically complete. Out of high season it is worth it, but in summer, it is almost better to refrain, there are better ones.

Cala Galdana
  • Location of Cala Galdana on Google Maps
  • Distance from parking. 5-10 minutes
  • Snorkel. Not his forte, except on the sides of the beach
  • recommendations. Although the parking is very large it tends to overcrowd. If you go later than 11 it is very difficult to park

10 Son Bou Beach

For many it is the best in Menorca if we talk strictly about the beach, since it cannot be considered as a cove because it is huge. Son Bou is ideal to go with family or to play racket sports on the sand. It is not the typical idyllic beach, no, but it is different from the rest of the island. It is a good option to get out of the routine of the tiny crowded coves of people to be on a long beach just sunbathing. By the way, it is one of the few areas of Menorca where construction has had its peak.

Son Bou beach
Son Bou beach
  • Location of Son Bou Beach in Google Maps
  • Distance from parking. 2 minutes
  • Snorkel. Almost non-existent, since it is a long beach without rocks or reefs
  • recommendations. It is worth walking through its long beach and looking for a place in privacy

Other charming beaches of Menorca

11 Cala en Brut

To the north of Ciutadella is Cala en Brut, a small cove on a turquoise sea arm where the people jump from platforms of polished rock. It is a cove where several cement platforms and stairs that overlook the sea have been built, but all perfectly integrated and without losing the essence of a cove as beautiful as Brut. For us it was one of the coves that we liked the most, since there were not many people, there is no sand that bothers 🙂 and above all, it is very fun.

Creek in Brut
Creek in Brut
  • Location of Cala en Brut on Google Maps
  • Distance from parking. 2 minutes (there is a street above where you can park the car)
  • Snorkeling. Sensational, although the best thing about this beach is to be able to jump from the big rocks to the sea
  • recommendations. There are few areas to put the towel, so it is convenient to arrive soon. The main one is the area where the cement platforms are

Practical data

Menorca by rental car

We toured Menorca with the car rental company SIXT. They have the most modern fleet on the island, very competitive prices and very good service.


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