Snowshoes in Karasjok (Norway), capital of the Samis


Visit Norway in winter is to stop seeing colors other than white. The rivers become roads and the lakes become great white plains that if it were not for the maps we would not know their existence. Taking advantage of this environment we make a snowshoe route in Karasjok, the considered administrative capital of the Samis. A small town located in the deepest part of the Finnmark region and a few kilometers from Finland.

Snowshoes in Karasjok (Norway)

Snowshoes in Karasjok (Norway), the capital of the Samis

Karasjok is part of the route through the Norwegian Lapland that we made in 2018. A circular route that runs through the most beautiful places of Finmark and whose main objective is to perform outdoor activities such as snowshoes. Even so, before practicing this activity, it is normal to take a walk around the town and give us an idea of ​​how hard life is at these latitudes. Of course, it is hard for us since it is common for them.

What to see in Karasjok, Norway

We arrived a day earlier in Karasjok, after visiting a Sami community. There we stayed in a hotel very close to the Sami parliament. It was for the month of April, the last of the Northern Lights season and since that night was with cloudy intervals, we went out to try our luck.

Route through Norwegian Lapland from Alta (Finnmark)

It was enough to take the road that goes to Lakselv and about 2 kilometers, once separated from the light pollution of Karasjok, we find a perfect area for observation. The KP index was low for visibility, about 3.5, but we still wait until we find them.

Route through Norwegian Lapland from Alta (Finnmark)

The next day we went straight to Sami parliament, free access and where there is a large library. There is also the National Museum of Sami culture, the headquarters of radio and television as well as some other things.

Snowshoes in Karasjok (Norway)

The funny thing is that it was almost hidden by snow, used to seeing it in photographs on a green mantle. In addition to the cold outside, it did not take long to enter and shelter in the heat of the radiators while we walked around the library.

Snowshoes in Karasjok (Norway)

Later I went for a walk around the town, touring several churches and seeing how the rivers, completely petrified, served as a road for the abundant snowmobiles.

Snowshoes in Karasjok (Norway)

But let's get to the point of the matter, snowshoes. As you can see the entire landscape is covered by a thick blanket of snow, which indicates that we can practice this activity since we left the hotel. However, as snowshoeing in Karasjok would be a bit weird, we took the car and went north in search of a more suitable place.

Snowshoes in Karasjok (Norway)

The route was relatively short, just 3/4 kilometers. It starts 10 kilometers from Karasjok taking the road toLakselv. The challenge was simple, to reach the Rávdojávri lake (covered with snow) and once there make an impromptu barbecue with the fish that we could fish in the frozen lake.

Snowshoes in Karasjok (Norway)

As it was a guided route, everything was very simple. The guides carried all the fishing and food accessories by means of sledges attached to their waists. We a simple backpack with what is strictly necessary. Even so, we had to endure about 10 degrees below zero, cloudy skies and occasionally it snowed. Eye, the photos are of the way back ...

Snowshoes in Karasjok (Norway)

The road was simple, sometimes trodden on snowmobiles and other times with virgin snow, which made our quadriceps explode. Something that in this type of activities is mainly suffered by the one who goes first. The others simply follow the path of the dying.

Snowshoes in Karasjok (Norway)

Once in theRávdojávri lake,we made several holes in the ice with a manual drill. It takes about 5 minutes and they are very effective. Then as in theory the fish that are under the ice are starving, it is to assemble the rod, put the worm and try. The downside of this is that we never know if the area used is the most optimal, since everything is covered. In short, we don't catch anything after 1 hour. Besides being still for so long that one freezes very fast.

Snowshoes in Karasjok (Norway)

After our failure, a comfortable place around the lake was sought, a fire was mounted and what the guides brought was cooked. Some meat, bananas with chocolate and some little else that tasted delicious.

Snowshoes in Karasjok (Norway)

With the meal finished, we decided to return on the same path previously traveled, already with some more sun and relatively more pleasant temperatures, around -2 degrees. Once on the road we return to Karasjok.

Trip made with the Norwegian Tourist Office in Spain

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Practical data

Before leaving for Norway

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  • Norway's Planet planet guide
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How to get?

It is reached by plane from Oslo by several airlines such as Norwegian.

What to wear

He winter It can be hard, with temperatures that tend to fall below 20 below zero in Kautokeino and Karasjok, and being much milder in Alta by having a special micro climate where they are usually around 0 degrees during the day and some negative degrees at night. We recommend carrying the following:

  • Thermal tights for pants
  • Thermal long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts with polartec type fabrics
  • Winter gloves with inner lining
  • Primaloft fiber jacket or feathers
  • Cap and panties
  • Blizzard glasses or similar
  • Front for the search for auroras
  • Swimsuit to enjoy the many saunas

In summer The temperatures are cool, about 15/18 degrees. To pay special attention to the high number of mosquitoes in the tundra of Kautokeino and Karasjok.

Norway tours

If we do not have a rental car and time is short, it is best to take us on a comfortable tour.

Excursions in Norway

Where to sleep in Karasjok?

There are several accommodation offers, almost all of them near parliament.

  • Scandic Karasjok: next to the Samis museum and the parliament. Expanded Location It has wifi and sauna.

Travel insurance

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