The Trinity College library, a place of film


I laugh at Harry Potter's school after seeing Dublin's treasure, the Trinity College library. I think that all of us who know Dublin can say in good faith that it is not the most beautiful capital of Europe, they also have it clear, but the energy and the march that they have there as the environment generated by institutions such as Trinity College, make Dublin a getaway mandatory. What city houses a library worthy of a mystery movie? Do you dare to look for that hidden book in a recess that opens doors to solve disturbing mysteries?

Trinity College

Without a doubt, the Trinity College library can evoke fantasy, but beware, they are not all bookshelves full of old books, under it, it hides many more things.

The Trinity College Library

Visit the school

Trinity College is distinguished by being one of the standard bearers of the University of Dublin, the oldest in Ireland. It was founded by Isabel I in a place where a old monastery. When you go to visit Trinity College, keep the following points:

  • The main gate, 18th century
  • Parliament Square with its 30m campanile
  • College park
  • The library and the Book of Kells

Parliament Square

It is convenient to enter through the front door from the College Green, less than 5 min from the Dublin tourist office, a perfect place to find out about the events and exhibitions in the city. Once inside I discovered directly to Parliament Square and shortly after right to the Trinity College library. Around here we decided to get lost in school until we reached the College park, to see the student environment when the sun deigns to appear.

Trinity College


For many, the library is the Kells book, from now on Book of Kells, for others, are those bookshelves so full of books that evoke adventure, history and exploration.

Trinity College Library

It is convenient to arrive soon, since it is one of the main attractions of Dublin, and not only that, it is for us, a good starting point to start discovering the city. The visit takes place next to the small museum located at the bottom of the Trinity college library, a museum that houses the Ireland's most famous manuscript, the Book of Kells.

Trinity College Library
Trinity College Library

It is said that it was written in the ninth century by the monks of Iona and is undoubtedly one of the manuscripts with the best prints and illustrations in the world. It talks about the four gospels in latin, all richly decorated. Unfortunately, it is inside a showcase, with somewhat poor lighting, so it can almost go unnoticed among the rest of the museum's pieces. At first glance it may seem like another one, ungodly tourists! But if you don't go with a guide or an audio guide I don't think you dedicate more than 2 minutes to the manuscript. Traveler word.

Trinity College Library

Instead, it's up to the first floor and I discovered an absolute silence, the Trinity College library, doubly wow! In the center you will see some glowing showcases with old books and manuscripts. Left and right character sculptures as famous as Isaac Newton, Francis Bacon, Aristotle or Socrates guarding the library on both fronts.

Trinity College Library

It is necessary to walk in silence, keeping respect and waiting for the opportune moment of not being invaded and pushed by hordes of small tourists. Luckily they control access, do not allow large concentrations of people, so enjoy this wonder in silence, dreaming and thinking that they keep these books is still possible.

Finally, as in most of the tourist points of the world, the ending evokes the well-called the tourist trap, as the departure usually happens through a shop full of souvenirs where children and tourists who want to take a souvenir from the Trinity College library wreak havoc. Will you fall into temptation little grasshopper?

Schedule: 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Entry: € 10 - Families: € 20

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Practical data

When to go?

Talking about Dublin is talk about rain, but that's not bad, it's simply part of the environment. As happens in all the British Isles the best time is summer, since winter is cold and the sun goes to bed very soon, but of course, who does not want to visit the hot bars of the Temple bar? Seriously, don't stop going to Dublin because it rains or it's cold, good pints will always make the trip more enjoyable :).

How to get?

There are several low cost companies that fly really cheap. Among them are Air Lingus or Ryan Air that for about € 60 you can perfectly fly a weekend idea and return to the capital of Ireland.

Dublin tours

In Dublin and its surroundings there are a lot of activities, do you want to know what you can do in the capital of Ireland?

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Where to sleep in Dublin?

First rule. Dublin is not cheap, rather it is very expensive. Finding something under € 60 is worthy of a science fiction movie, so don't put your hands to your head.

For travelers with fuller wallets

  • Ferryman Townhouse Really beautiful and original. From € 100 per night
  • Dylan Charming hotel, but from € 200 a night.

For low cost travelers

  • Apache hostel. Maybe the name says it all. From € 40.
  • Avalon House From € 60 per night.