What to do and what to see in Formentera (10 places to visit)


Formentera is an island that is fashionable. However tiny the island is, there are many things to do and see in Formentera. This place is the last paradisiacal destinations in Europe and from the Mediterranean, a destination that must be taken care of and that places the Balearic Islands at the top of world tourism. Let's not forget, that next to Formentera, there is the all-powerful Ibiza and of course, the islands of Mallorca and Menorca.

The little sister, Formentera

Small but bulky

We have already spoken at the time of several of its neighboring islands such as Ibiza, Majorca and the quiet and also heavenly Menorca, but until now we had not dedicated a space to the smallest and perhaps the most unique of them all.


Formentera is the union of two islands, Formentera and Spacer, and together with the older sister, Ibiza, form the calls pitusa islands How the Greeks called them. Barely Formentera is 82km2, 20km long and only 2km wide, and in some sections, especially reaching Espalmador, it barely reaches 30m, so it can be passed from one end to the other in less than a minute: ). Do not you think an island to know ?. Well, we tell you what places you have to see in Formentera.

What to see in Formentera

10 places you have to visit

Here are the 10 places you have to know on a visit to the island of Formentera:

  1. S'Alga Beach (Espalmador Island)
  2. Levante Beach
  3. Illetas Beach
  4. Estany des Peix
  5. Cala Saona Beach
  6. Caló d'Es Mort
  7. Cap de Barbaria lighthouse
  8. La Mola Lighthouse
  9. Port of Formentera
  10. Ses Illetes bike route

1 S'Alga Beach (Espalmador Island)

This tiny private island, but visited, is only accessible by boat. It is one of the jewels of Formentera, especially for the S'Alga beach, one of the most paradisiacal thanks to its White sand and their crystal backgrounds. We recommend that you tour the island and not only stay on the beach, as it is worth walking on an apparently deserted island 🙂


You can rent a boat in group or private to go to the island from the port of Formentara and even from Ibiza

2 Levante Beach

Already on the "big" island of Formentera, it is one of the longest beaches on the island and one of the favorites for those who enjoy sunbathing. There are nudist zone and from the beach you can see the tiny Espardell Island. It is also ideal for walking or for those looking for great beaches.

Access to the beaches
Levante Beach

3 Illetas Beach

This beach is one of the most beautiful and of the most unique, since part of it faces two different sides of the coast, as if it were a bridge between two seas. In this section of the island there are several small beaches and there are very shallow areas, ideal for children.

Beaches of Formentera

4 Estany des Peix

Next to the town center sunsets from restaurants like the Café del Lago wave Chimera They are worth it. It is usually full of small boats, as it barely reaches a meter deep in the places it covers most.

Estany des Peix

5 Cala Saona Beach

It is one of the classic small coves of Formentera. It is next to two pleasant restaurants with a terrace and on top of the famous Cala Saona Hotel, one of the island's luxury hotels. At the top of the cove is also one of the classic terraces of the island, the Kiosk Cala Saona, small, but ideal for a Gin Tonic or a few beers with views of the cove.

Cala Saona

6 Caló d'Es Mort

It is a small beach, rather tiny, with rocky cliffs, crystal clear waters and panoramic views. It is worth going early to catch a good place and in the afternoon, take a short walk to it to see the sunset.

Caló d'Es Mort

7 Cap de Barbaria lighthouse

It is one of those places to see in Formentera. It is the lighthouse that is at the southern end, the southernmost point, of the island of Formentera. It is one of the most visited points and one of the most emblematic of the island, thanks to the hole through which it can be accessed and for the film that was recorded on it, Lucia and sex. If you go with the hot summer sun be sure to bring water, as there is little shade and there is no access to the sea.

Cap de Barbaria lighthouse

8 La Mola Lighthouse

It is a lighthouse of the nineteenth century and is also a monument to the French writer Julio Verne. It is currently a cultural center and the former habitable part of the lighthouse houses a space for the dissemination of the maritime heritage of Formentera. Admission is € 4.5.

La Mola Lighthouse

9 Port of Formentera

It is the nerve center of the island and the point where all ships arrive to access the island. Although it is a small port, around it there are numerous restaurants, several hotels and the main supermarkets of the island. Also, it is the area to rent bicycles, motorcycles and even cars.

Port of Formentera
Port of Formentera

10 Cycling route through Ses Illetes

From the Port of Formentera you can go walking or cycling to the Blot tip, almost on the island of Espalmador. It is a dirt road, very frequented, ideal for cycling and touring several of the most important beaches of Formentera.

On the way to the beach

Conclusion, let's take care of it ...

The tourism boom

Formentera has been put on the map on two major occasions. The first with the Balkan War, when a Italian tour operator he had to change the islands and the Adriatic coast for Formentera because of the war, which is why Formentera today looks like the little italy, which is literally "invaded" by tourists from that country. The other for a movie, Lucia and sex, where Paz Vega with its charms and a good movie they put the island on the map to all Spaniards, even if it seems a lie.


With all this, Formentera has become fashionable, and it would not surprise us that sooner or later something of a stop to tourism is put on, since the island by size gives what it gives, and above all, by the increase of yachts and exorbitant prices of its hotels and restaurants, within reach of very few.

Formentera with Es Vedra in the background

In any case, there are worthy things to see in Formentera, since its beaches, its crystalline waters and those turquoise tones fall in love with many tourists in high season. Formentera is to get to know it, and you don't have to go to Cook Islands or Polynesia to enjoy postcard beaches.

Practical data

When to go?

For us the best time is at the beginning of June and mid-September. The temperature is good and you make sure that the island is not overcrowded or that there are exorbitant prices.

How to get?

The only way to get to Formentera is by private boat, tourist boat or by ferry. Boats depart daily from Denia and Ibiza:

  • ConBalearia from Denia (2h). From € 39 one way
  • Trasmapi or Formentera Express from Ibiza

How to tour the island?

There are many things to see in Formentera and although the island is small, you have to look for a means of transport to explore it. Ideally, by motorcycle, since it is an island with hundreds of motorcycles. Also, electric or bike. There are numerous rental points in the port.

 Tours and transportation in Formentera

Boat routes

On one of the trips we made to Formentera we toured the coast with the Viviravela boat, a unique experience and that we recommend you do with them. They are experts and an excellent company!


Where to eat?

Formentera is more famous for astronomical accounts or coffees at € 15, but we are not going to recommend anything similar :). The island is not cheap, but if you want to eat well and with views, we recommend:

  • Sa Sequi. Good rice and spectacular ocean tracks
  • Molo47 Restaurant. Cozy in the port of Formentera

Where to sleep?

We leave several recommendations to be able to stay on the island.

  • Cala Saona Hotel. One of the island's luxury hotels with a pool and facing one of the most beautiful coves on the island
  • Can Tres Formentera. Idyllic studios and apartments
  • Can Damia Rural apartment with pool

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